Welcome to LPrestoration.com!

Many of us audiophiles have LP album collections gathering dust in our basements.

What if there was an economical service that allowed you to recapture all the musical nuances contained on those original LP albums and have all the annoying clicks, pops and surface noise completely removed?

Well, you've found it!

LPrestoration.com offers complete LP-to-CD services for analog-to-digital conversion of your albums using:

- Denon microprocessor-damped turntable equipped with a top-quality Ortofon stylus;
- Onkyo pre-amplifier feeding an Emu0404 audio sound card for high-quality, low-noise capture;
- Adobe Audition 3 software to capture "raw" recordings at 88.2KHz/32-bit resolution;
- Noise reduction software to remove low frequency rumble and vinyl surface noise;
- Click and crackle removal software to remove clicks, crackle, pops and other annoying artifacts;
- Manual removal of any remaining noise events;
- Normalization to ensure there's no clipping but ample volume;
- Overall noise reduction to improve S/N ratios dramatically;
- Final down conversion from 88.2KHz/32-bit to the CD standard of 44.1KHz/16-bit;
- Track splitting with 2-3 second lead-in/lead-out;
- Production of restored .wav and .mp3 files onto separate CDs.

LPrestoration.com certainly wants to remain on the right side of the copyright law and so should you!  For more information on our copyright requirements, please see our "Terms and Conditions" page.

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